David DeLaine
The Art of Sensuous Elegance

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Beautiful and inspirational work
Michele Lainey - 29 Mar 2012
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Pamela Miller - 17 Nov 2011
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Helen Morales - 26 Mar 2011
i love u very much.
betty elikem - 10 Feb 2011
hey david,u do great work :)cant wait until i can see more
fie - 8 Nov 2010
Dave I am amazed at your work. I love it and I can't wait to see it live and in person.
Dirrick Williams - 3 Nov 2010
I'm very impressed. I showed some of my friends and they wanted to get some info. I gave them your site info. Vonda Stephens - September 27, 2010
Vonda Stephens - 27 Sep 2010
My wife and I were lucky enough to meet Mr. David and his beautiful wife on a plane headed to Cabo San Lucas. One of the highlights of our trip was when Mr. David gave us one of his drawings that he created on the plane titled 'Cabo Love 2010'. Thank you and your work is amazing.
Benjamin and Dayanara Rodriguez - 23 May 2010
Fantastic gallery mi amigo. The spiritual influence in your art is undeniable. You have a very unique form of expression. Congratulations on all your success! Your ArtBistro friend, Manny
Manny Velazquez - 9 Nov 2008
Very interesting work. I love the archecture. They are beautiful. I would love to see the inside of them.
Reeta Harper - 26 Aug 2008
Kimmy Matherne Gautreaux - 20 May 2008
Friend from ArtBistro... You are a very talented artist! I enjoyed looking at your work. Peace!
MosaicArtisan Deb - 22 Apr 2008
Hi Dave, Nice to see you still excited about your work. "Uncle Bill" is telling, ya think. Yeah for you! I love you. Evie
Evelyn Niehaus - 1 Feb 2008
Hey brother, love the new paintings you added lately and the one of Uncle Bill is great! ;-)
Sister Kathy - 1 Feb 2008
Yeah! I love it David. Isn't it wonderful to be from such a gifted family. You can view my web page at www.artbyevely.com Your loving sister, Evie
Evelyn Niehaus - 23 Oct 2007
Awesome David!!! Love the work and can't wait to see more!!! Love you, Kat
Kathy Pruitt - 14 Oct 2007
David's work is exciting and stimulates joy to the soul.
Bernadette Engehausen - 12 Oct 2007
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