David DeLaine
The Art of Sensuous Elegance

Some of David DeLaine Pruitt's Art

David DeLaineThe Artist's goal for each piece is to stir and excite a reaction in those who behold them.  Only you can decide if the goal was reached.  Please Sign my Guestbook.

After 42 years in Architecture, with it's rigid rules and structure, I am now painting and creating with very few straight lines, and enjoying the freedom of color flow and depth of movement, in space.  I love working with Copper, and Fine Metals, Concrete is also one medium I will be working.  Come back and see what has been added as time goes by.  Thanks,  and Enjoy, I know I did.


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Many of the Paintings are for sale, contact us for information and pricing.  Water mark across image, does not exist, on the original paintings. 

Color's may vary slightly (screen colors vs. actual colors of  the original paintings)